Sunday, August 29, 2010

Article: A School Example - Kaelan's Bad Day.

I usually try to keep my blogs separate. I know that most people here don't want to read the sorts of things I post on my techie blog, my scout blog or my "Free Stuff" blog and I also know that my family blog tends to be a bit frivolous.

Every now and then though, I put something on my family blog which I think is relevant here.

In this case, it's an article about my eldest son Kaelan's bad day at school. Kaelan is about three weeks shy of being 10. He has Aspergers Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) and ADHD-Inattentive.

School is a real struggle for him both in social and academic terms because although people with aspergers often have social but not academic issues, the NVLD and ADHD-i components ensure that he has both.

I don't have any sage advice for his bad day. It's not his school's fault - they really are a good and caring school. It's not his fault either. In both incidents, a child with better communication skills could probably have understood and communicated the problems to reduce the impact.

I guess, it's just a good example of how things can spiral out of control much more quickly for children with difficulties.

If you want to read it, it's here;

Kaelan's Not So Good Day at School


Anonymous said...

Gavin. I'm a big fan of your blog and it's heled me a lot o understand myself. I have a problem though.

I'm a teenage male aspie living with an NT mom and an aspie dad (no brothers or sisters). They know i'm an aspie, and i'm not sure how seriusly they take it. this is the main reason why i havn't tried to tell my dad i think he has it too.

He's been really stressed ut for as long as i can remember. He has meltdowns a lot. I have them a lot too, but i just run off into the woods most of the time and try t calm myself down there. Lately, his have been getting worse, and it's been really stressful.

How do i tell him to stay away from me and my mom when that happens? Any advice?

Lori said...

When she threw his lollipop away, I wanted to yell, "But you don't understand how important that was to him!!" I have a 3 year old aspie and he wouldn't have handled the situation as well as your guy did. I'm thrilled to know that he was eventually able to see the teacher's side of things - Jack still isn't able to do that. But I hope they gave him another lollipop to replace the one he worked so hard for!

Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg said...

I'm with Lori. I hope he got another lollipop. In my opinion, justice demands it! And if he's going to be sensitive to how others in the situation feel, it's only fair that they return the favor.

Danette said...

Gavin, I love reading your blog. Such great insight. Kaelan's bad day made me sad though. Our kids have so many disappointments in their lives. I hope someone got him a new lollipop!