Thursday, February 4, 2010

FTF: An Introduction

I'm honoured to be part of an inspirational new series of blog posts developed by Hartley Steiner (from the blog Hartley's Life with 3 boys)this year. The series is called First things first and it's about... well, I'll let Hartley explain;

“The series is dedicated to reminding parents that they need to take care of themselves. A renewal of our commitment to take the time required to nurture not just our children, but ourselves. We have dedicated all of our energy to making sure our children are taken care of, but now is the time to remember to focus on our own physical, mental and emotional health, our spirituality, as well as our relationships with friends and our spouse. This year, I want to encourage all of you to take care yourself. And I hope each month our guest writer will inspire you to do just that.” - Hartley Steiner

I'll announce each of the articles on this blog as they appear and give you the appropriate link to Hartley's blog. Since Hartley is the originator of the idea, it makes sense that she should receive the traffic. I'm also terrified of mucking up the formatting.

I'll be using the banner above to announce posts. I know it's not the best but it is my drawing so I don't have to worry about copyright issues. My wife has already told me that the man looks like Michael Myers.

In the meantime, here is a link to a great article which introduces the series;

February 2, 10:53 PMDouglas County Special Needs Kids ExaminerGina St. Aubin

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Hartley said...

I love the drawing! It could be a snapshot taken in my kitchen most days. LOL Ok, we're not that bad, but I sure can relate.

Thanks Gavin,