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My latest post is now available on Special-ism.  It's all about labels and why we need to advocate against them. Please hop over and have a read. Why we need to Advocate Against our Children's Labels by Gavin Bollard at Special-ism.

Guest Post: Autism Spectrum Siblings Need Love and Guidance Too! by Trish Thorpe

The following is a guest post from Trish Thorpe , Author of "Fisheye: A Memoir" and "Asperger's Sibling Support: 15 Practical Tips for Parents/Caregivers".  Please take a moment to check out Trish's books. Autism Spectrum Siblings Need Love and Guidance Too! I'm 53 and the younger sister of an older brother (by two years) who had undiagnosed Asperger's while we were growing up (1960s and 1970s). My brother and I grew up with very unaware, self-involved parents. Short story...I spent years in therapy sorting through our family dynamics and learned so much about the kind of parental support needed to raise special needs kids and neurotypical siblings in a balanced home.  Here are some pictures of my brother and me when we were young: I'd like to share what I learned. I collaborated with my therapist and wrote a series of tips that will hopefully help parents and caregivers understand and support ASD siblings. My goal is to raise awa