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Article: Autism Stimming, Hand flapping and other self stimulatory behaviors

Autism Parenting Magazine is has a new article on Stimming that is pretty comprehensive and ticks all of the right boxes (I checked it over).  Head over here to read it; The article explains;  What stimming is and how to recognise it.  What causes stimming (or why autistic people stim) It goes through various forms of stimming including; Verbal and Auditory Visual Tactile Vestibular Olfactory (Smell) and Taste The article also discusses whether you should attempt to stop stimming (this is one of reasons why I wanted to check it over first) and some techniques to reduce and self regulate stimming.  There's a great infographic for easy reference and a free guide that you can download.  Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay Over the years, I've discussed stimming on this blog, you'll find a selection of stimming articles on the links page of my website.