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Teaching Responsibility to kids with Autism

When you have kids at school, it's fairly common for them to go on overnight excursions and come home with many of the wrong items in their luggage or without phones, chargers backpacks etc.  This sort of behaviour should be well and truly disappearing by about age 15 but some kids particularly those with autism, may carry it on much later in life. Sometimes into their twenties and beyond.  In this post, I want to look at some of the techniques for reducing this behaviour. The Three Categories When travelling, kids generally fall into three broad categories; The ones who never actually unpack their bags These kids will live, sleep and sometimes even swim in the same clothes while on an excursion or camp. They're usually oblivious to the smell and will say that their mother forgot to pack items without ever having unzipped their bags to check.  They rarely leave anything behind. The ones who are excessively neat These kids will fold everything sharply and put it b