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Article: Detect and Deal with Anxiety (on Special-ism)

My latest article on Special-ism which went live about a week or two ago (I've been very busy, sorry) is all about Anxiety.  

Following my review of Dr Edward Aull's book "The Parent's Guide to the Medical World of Autism", last month, I turned my thoughts to Anxiety and the different ways in which it manifests in children and adults. I also thought about the different ways that we deal with anxiety.

Head over to Special-ism to have a read;

Detect and Deal with Anxiety by Gavin Bollard

Also, while you're there, have a look at Kimberley S. Williams article entitled "Invisible Anxiety: Hiding in the Classroom" which lists some common signs to look out for and ways that parents and teachers can get help and reduce anxiety in the classroom.