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Article: When Parents Disagree – Focus on Treatment

One of the most common complaints I hear from parents is that the other parent does not believe in the label. It's very common and there are some very good reasons why this is so.  In fact, believe it or not, somewhere between 2004-2005, I was a non-believer.  My latest article at Special-ism discusses this problem.  It outlines the reasons why this is so common and what to look for in your partner's background.  More importantly though, it points out many of the ways in which you can provide your child with much needed early intervention without the need for a label. Click on through to read the article at Special-ism. When Parents Disagree – Focus on Treatment Don't forget, you can access all my past articles at Special-ism here . and you can obtain a free eBook version of my earlier articles via the Google Play store or direct link here .

Interrogation: A Sci-Fi Webseries

One of the great things about the internet is that it has levelled the playing field (a little) for aspiring and creative writers, directors, actors and artists of every kind. Gone are the days when you need a huge corporation behind you in order to achieve recognition.  Of course, transitioning from providing free to commercial content requires a little help in the form of good ratings and comments -- and that's where you come in. Interrogation is a Sci-Fi web series which can be watched for FREE on YouTube.  So far there have been seven episodes and they're mostly around the ten minute mark. The link is here ; This web series which is is female created and very character driven has obviously been produced on a tight budget, so you can't expect major special effects but it does have some pretty good production values. More importantly however, the Interrogation series clearly celebrates diversity using disabled actors to play disabled characters -- something a

Togetherness: A Dad’s Perspective on Marriage (First things First)

This is a re-post of an article from 2010 for "First things First" which was on a site which no longer exists. The "First things First" project was designed to remind parents that they need to look after themselves first in order to more effectively look after their children. This post has been lightly edited from the original content.  - Gavin Bollard January 2015. In traditional society, mothers and fathers tend to live in completely different worlds. The home, the kids and school are all in the mother’s realm while the father is more likely to take care of bread-winning and financial matters. The working week has expanded to take in weekends and the hours of work have lengthened too, courtesy of the traffic problems.  Many fathers today hardly see their children and not because of the high divorce rate either.  It’s simply that they have to leave before the kids are awake and they don’t get home until after bedtime.  Some fathers have frequent out of state