Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Article: Reflections on Being an Aspie Parent

I discovered this post via RSS today. It's probably the best post I've ever read on aspie parenting and it needs to be read.

Reflections on Being an Aspie Parent

So often, I find people asking on forums whether people with Aspergers should be able to have children. I hear questions about the worthiness of aspie traits in today's society and worst of all, I hear these questions coming from Aspies themselves.

In this particular article, Rachel talks about the strengths that she, as an aspie brings to parenting using real life examples. It's one of the most comprehensive and uplifting articles on Aspergers that I've read in a long time.

Well done Rachel!


Rachel said...

Many thanks, Gavin!

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing this, what a great post!

Maddy said...

Well I shall nip along and take a peek in that case.

Anonymous said...

You have made my day. I know I am reading this... "slightly" after the fact, but it just really hit home.

I have the most amazing partner in the world. She is totally accepting of the fact that I'm an aspie, and that sometimes I just can't do those little things. But she also has three kids, and primary custody. So I went from being a single twenty-one year old who had just become a veteran, to practically a step-parent overnight. I have some spectacular failures. (Like the 30-minute smackdown I received from the 7 year old, because I confused her). But I have some utterly amazing attaboys. (Like how she apologized for that on her own, because she understood that she had really hurt me and done something wrong.)
And my girlfriend has actually thanked me on multiple occasions for the traits that make me an aspie. To know that I'm not the only one... Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great post. G has never taken part in PE as he will not change in to a PE because of bullying and worrying about people seeing him getting changed.