Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Article: Interview with a Wonderful Nonverbal Autistic Adult

I just wanted to draw your attention to an interview I read this morning.

Interview with a Wonderful Nonverbal Autistic Adult
by Tammy from Autism Learning Felt

If you have non-verbal children, you really need to read this interview. It's a great testament to the fact that non-verbal people can lead very productive lives.

Even more interesting, the interviewee talks about what non-verbal children want from their parents and friends.

Well worth a read.


Adelaide Dupont said...

It's nice to know Jenna through this interview.

Tammy said...

Thanks! I loved writing that article. It is one of my favorites.

Tammy said...

The correct link is
Thanks. I'm glad you liked the article.

Gavin Bollard said...

Fixed. Thanks Tammy.

Miguel Palacio said...

Yes, it's wonderful when you make the connection. You can see the appreciation. It's as if "finally! Someone that gets me."