Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Article: Soothing and Self Stimming Behaviours by Karen Krejcha

I've been meaning to talk about this for a while but things have just gotten away from me.

Karen Krejcha, who blogs at Aspirations (http://www.aspierations.blogspot.com/) has written a fascinating couple of articles called;

Soothing and Self Stimming Behaviours in our Family
These articles are both incredibly well thought out and cover a whole range of stimming with plenty of real-life examples. They are well worth a read.


Karen at CYB said...

Hi Gavin!
Thanks so much for the wonderful shout out regarding my stimming series! You are so kind, my friend! I was wondering all of a sudden where all the page hits were coming from. :-)

I responded to your comments on Part 1 of the series and made a correction based on your insight and rethinking my own observations with Ryan. :-)

Thanks again! I am very flattered! Your blog is always a tremendous resource of well-thought out information, insight and commentary and it means a lot to me that you noticed my writing too!

Smiles and happiness,

Miguel Palacio said...