Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Article: My Story of SPD Through Poetry by Jennie Linthorst

I really have to say that I'm not usually a great fan of poetry - especially of poetry which doesn't rhyme. I've got a long history of writing poems though admittedly they've become quite sparse in recent years.

My poetry is usually funny and rhyme tends to help it. Very occasionally, I delve into darker matter but I usually feel constrained by time and linearity. I feel like I want to get my whole point across but also to digress. There's not enough lines to say what I want to say.

I don't read a lot of poetry online either. Usually it's too shallow for me.


Along comes Jennie Linthorst.... wow.
I think this could be the first time a poem has ever brought tears to my eyes.

Jenny has gotten over the limitations by writing a series of eight poems, each one moving deeper into what it's like to be the mother of a child with sensory processing disorder.

I'm stunned. Hartley Steiner's 30 SPD stories in 30 Days series is amazing. It's turning up some real gems - and this is one of the best.

The Lindhorst Family: My story of SPD through Poetry
by Jennie Linthorst

Have a read.


Chynna said...

I totally agree. I am a huge fan of Jennie's. She's very talented and I feel so much in each of her beautiful poems.

Hers has been one of my favorites too.


Miguel Palacio said...

It would appear to be the domain has been taken over by a squatter.

Gavin Bollard said...

Unfortunately, Jennie's post is no longer available. You may however find an example of her work here;

Miguel Palacio said...

Thank you Gavin.