Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm guest posting over at Specialism today.

The article is:  How Can Scouting Help Children with Special Needs?

If you’re like I was and have never been involved with scouting, you probably have the impression that scouting is all about camping and testosterone and that there is absolutely no place for children with special needs.  More...

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Barbie said...

I totally agree that scouting, as well as any other thing neurotypicals do is just as important for aspies to do. My son wasn't diagnosed with Asperger's until 8th grade so as a younger child I always encouraged him to do whatever was available out there. This included scouting, violin lessons, kindermusic, gymnastics,summer camps, soccer, baseball, you name it. Some was a nightmare, but now he is in college and doing great. I didn't know back than he had aspergers, but I am so glad he tried a little bit of everything. It can only help.