Monday, May 21, 2012

Article: Teaching Basic Life Skills to Special Needs Children

Today, I'm posting over at Specialism.

Teaching Basic Life Skills to Special Needs Children

My post was prompted by the thought that our dependent special needs children may well grow up into needy and dependent adults - and that we, the parents, won't be around forever.

It makes sense to start getting our kids to do things for themselves.


mark tully said...


The most important part of teaching special-needs children is helping them to transfer their knowledge and skills to both familiar and new situations in their lives. Many opportunities should be provided for special-needs children in every phase of learning, allowing them to apply their skills and knowledge effectively and productively. Thank you.

Motivating Children

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mark, but I feel they need to know it's ok to make mistakes if it doesn't hurt anyone. Also, my newly teen whom has HFA lacks social skills which will be the biggest hinderance of all. Lastly, I make sure as I teach my God given adolescent, I will always be there when extended guidance is needed upon being asked. 