Saturday, September 1, 2012

Book Review: Ethan's Story; My Life With Autism

Special Note: For Today Only (apparently); The Kindle edition of Ethan's story can be obtained from Amazon for free. Don't delay, get it now.

You don't need to have a kindle or an ipad to read this book because you can read it in your web browser (via the free Kindle Cloud Reader).

Ethan's Story; My Life with Autism
by Ethan Rice
with Illustrations by Crystal Ord

Ethan's story is a very special book because it was written by an eight year old with autism.

In this book, Ethan explains his differences simply and from a child's point of view.  It makes the book a very honest read which is suitable for all ages.  The illustrations are great too.

Ethan's story is a very good way to explain autism to children.

Ethan's Story is available from Amazon.

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Carol Ali said...

I've downloaded it and look forward to reading it after work later on :)