Saturday, October 5, 2013

Article: Reducing Computer Overuse Problems in Kids with Special Needs

My latest article on Special-ism is now available; 

It's called Reducing Computer Overuse Problems in Kids with Special Needs and no, it's not all about telling your kids to get off their computers and go outside. In fact, it's about dealing with a problem which isn't going to go away.

If your kids spend a lot of time on computers, phones, iPads, androids or any other type of device requiring a lot of fine motor skill in their hands, then you ought to read this.

After you've read the article, you're going to want to know about exercises that you can do to reduce your issues. Here's some great youtube resources;

Also, if you're interested in Dragon, which is a product I've used successfully for years, here's their site. The dictate edition lets you record into a voice recorder and play it back later for conversion.  It's a good way to write documents while relaxing in a (quiet) park.

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Chris said...

I think that in a few decades time, much of the older generation, having spent years on computers, will have developed chronic RSI-type conditions. Mum and Dad will have to explain my Grandma and Grandad have to use a specially adapted computer or other device. Laptops (like the one I'm typing on now!) are especially dangerous towards this!