Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Aspie Quiz

I'm always pushing the RDOS aspie quiz because I think that it's the most accurate one out there but I've just been referred to another one - which has similar questions and which uses the Baron-Cohen criteria.

So here's the URL (
There's 50 questions and you should answer them fairly quickly so that first impressions count.

My score was 40.

To put this in perspective;

0-10 low
11-22 average (women=15, men=17)
23-31 above Average
32-50 very high (average Aspergers & HFA score is 35)


Meredith said...

Is this the same questionnaire I've seen in B-C's book? It definitely looks like that. (BTW, I scored 43.)
I have strong critique against B-C's gender theory thing, but at least his quizzes are accurate.

Gavin Bollard said...

Actually I think the whole definition of Aspergers as it relates to females is wrong.

It manifests quite differently in women. I'm not quite sure why, but it does. I don't think the diagnostic criteria is suitably refined for picking up anything but the most extreme female aspies.

Catherine said...

Has it stopped working? (There's just an x'd out no-picture icon in IE6.)

Gavin Bollard said...

I checked them this morning and they seem to be ok.

wolfwhosings said...

Hm. I am not familiar with B-C's gender theories, although I did notice the scoring was different in "average." (I was a 37, so didn't really matter to me. I guess I might be an extreme Aspie female. (Xtreme Aspies!) (Sorry.))

Do you know of a link with a quick sum up?

Gavin Bollard said...

I wasn't referring to any specific B-C theory, just to the fact that DSM IV expects male and female aspies to exhibit more or less the same traits. IMHO, they're much less detectable in females - particularly social traits - and for this reason, there are far fewer female aspies who have actually been diagnosed as such.

Anonymous said...

i scored 45 on the 2nd one and "Your Aspie score: 151 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 45 of 200
You are very likely an Aspie" on the rdos one.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I get 35-38 on the 50 question one- so that's pretty clear.
But some aspies and neuro whatsits and a spiders web on the other - what on earth is that? what does it mean no talent?

Gavin Bollard said...

The spiders web is just an easy way of showing the differences between aspergers and neurotypicals.

If you score well on the left hand side, it means that you're presenting as neurotypical "normal" - if your graph is over the right hand side, it means that you present as aspie.

So... If you look at talent, you probably wont have "none" but you'll score over one side or the other. A low score will tend to mean that you present as borderline aspie/nt rather than suggest that you are talentless...

See my graph here...

Someone... said...

I got 26. I'm second-guessing my doctors.

Or maybe my meds work well

Charlotte said...

Just seen your post from a result of a Google search, prompting me to retake the Aspie Test:

Your Aspie score: 150 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 52 of 200
You are very likely an Aspie

(Well I knew that ... )

46 on the B-C test.

Your blog looks very interesting; shall be exploring :)

Anonymous said...

I scored 154 of 200 on the one and on the other I got a score of 35.

I have a son who is officially diagnosed as an aspie so after doing the reading I know this is what I've dealt with my whole life just never knew what it was - I'd love to have an official diagnosis so that I might be able to afford some help with it but I can barely afford to survive most of the time... Anyways, thanks for posting this it was nice to see where i fit from the online perspective.

Lee said...

Your Aspie score: 165 of 200
You are very likely an Aspie

Anonymous said...

I got a 167 of 200, and a 40 on the other test. The thing that is aggrivating is that all the doctors I have went to refuse to give me an official diagnosis of Asperger's due to "stigmata of having that in my file." But I have been told by three seperate Doctors that I do have Asperger's. Question: Where all the "smiley faces" supposed to be the same? that was confusing, I did not know what to do with that part of the test. It was not made clear on what to do.

CaitTop said...

Scored a 45, and I've done this already. I think the same quiz is uploaded to every single website.

Anonymous said...

I can't get the first one to work.

Audra said...

Got a 35 on the BC test, and 174 on the other. Thanks so much for posting these!

Shae said...

43 on the short test and 182 on the longer one for me.

n.n said...

Thanks for posting these! This came up as one of the top Google results for "asperger's diagnostic quiz", by the way.

I scored 116/89 on the long quiz and 35 on the short one, which is a bit odd.

I wonder if it's because the long quiz picks up on compensatory factors which adjust behaviour towards neurotypical norms, whereas the Baron-Cohen one disregards or misses those? For instance, 10-12 years ago, when I was a teenager, I really had a lot of trouble making eye contact or smiling and greeting people, but now I seem to have become able to partly compensate for that. (I still have some trouble with eye contact, though).

Lee said...

@n.n I also am able to manage the eye contact/socializing better as I get older, still it is stressful and not enjoyable. As I force myself to look someone in the eye I am thinking ok, how long must I endure this, oh hooray finally it's over now I can relax, phew!

Andreas said...

Wow I got 36/50 on the B-C, I've never scored that high on other tests.

113/200 AS & 89/200 NT Rdos
You seem to have both Asper and NT traits. (I like Asper better than Aspie or ...Aspergian)

Their Hunting/Neanderthal angle makes me rather uneasy. Good test, none the less.

Andreas said...

Oh yeah. I completely agree with you and the fact that female expression seems different than male expression, particularly the social aspects. It is really strange, but once you pay attention, it is easy to see the similarities. The differences are harder to detect. That really needs to be addressed!

stories with fangs said...

Your Aspie score: 148 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 45 of 200
You are very likely an Aspie
i wish someone would tell me all those years when i thought i was a freak or when people thought i was dumb and i believed it, too.
knowing is such a relief. guess it's an aspie trait, too, wanting everything to have a reason and freaking out when you can't figure out why someone is acting a certain way or why certain things happen.

Aurora said...

I haven't been diagnosed as Aspie, but I've suspected it. I scored 45.

Marcie said...

Excellent blog site. Thanks. I score a 40 as Asperger's woman-- but a lot I answered based on before I learned the social norms based on the teasing, ridicule, and other from peers who pointed out my "wrongs."

Marcie said...

Mine is 40 as well; done in therapist's office.

Anonymous said...

Well, typical for me, I had to take both tests at least four times each before I resigned myself to acknowledge the results.
150/57 on the rdos, and 39 on the B-C.
It seems to confirm what I have known for 40 years.

Anonymous said...

On the
Aspie score: 148 of 200
Neurotypical (non-autistic): 62 of 200
You are very likely an Aspie

On the
37 of 50

Can I consider myself to be a borderline aspie?

Ellen Hardy said...

I have a daughter who is soon to be 19 and who I have known her whole life that she was different but have never been able to get anyone to listen to me until recently. I would love to have someone to talk to that is knowledgeable about this.

Anonymous said...

34 each and every time. The rdos is giving me different results, but the more accurate I try to translate and interpret the questions (english isn´t my native language), the more aspie-ish my scores. Today: Aspie: 126/200. NT: 81/200. Likely an aspie.
Leaving out a question might have influenced the scores.

Fiona said...

I think the BC test is crap actually. For example, 'I prefer to do things with others' (or words to that affect). What things? What people? It seems full of the basic ideas about AS but not the subtleties and it certainly doesn't account for coping mechanisms. As for the socialising thing, I have always been hypersocial (but find it exhausting) and as a kid it was a fascination, I was a people watcher, and socialising felt more of an experiment or an exploration rather than actual socialising. I've only had one special friend at a time who I felt comfortable with. I scored 29 on the BC test and very high on the longer test. I'm a 49 year old female.

freeway x said...

My result was 39.

on the RDOS:
Your Aspie score: 172 of 200
Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 36 of 200

On the RDOS quiz there were a few questions i could not answer due to the fact that they were vague. Some things depend on situation, or perception, or just need more clarification for an answer to be given.
for example: Have others commented or have you observed yourself that you make unusual facial expressions?
answer.. i don't make facial expressions apparently. I have a lack of, and if there are no facial expressions then it can't quite be an unusual facial expression so how do I answer that?
another example: Do you have difficulties imitating & timing the movements of others, e.g. when learning new dance steps or in gym class?
I flunked gym class, mostly I assume because I refused to wear the little outfit or take communal showers, also because unless it was archery or weightlifting.. i was inept at physical sport. So it depends on what I'm imitating or timing.
There were numerous other questions I could not answer.
Also, after decades of learned "fitting in just enough" how does that affect the outcome? I have never been diagnosed and I am 47, female.