Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Article: Avoiding Unsolicited Parenting Advice from Family

I found this article today. It's on ADHD but is equally applicable to Aspergers. In fact, personally, I think it suits Aspergers better than ADHD.

The article gives tips on travelling to family gatherings and helps you to avoid a common problem... Relatives trying to pin the condition on your parenting flaws.

If you've ever been told; “You really let her get away with a lot” or “If I had him for a week, he’d learn to obey.”, then this one is for you.

"You Just Need to be Firmer with Him" by Carol Brady Ph.D.

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Kate said...

Thank you so much for this link. What a great article - with wonderful suggestions! It's definitely applicable for parents with an Asperger's child.
Thank you, also, for all the IEP information you have given. As a parent of a child diagnosed with Asperger's (although we knew it was there before the official diagnosis) two weeks ago, we are currently going through the IEP process. I just wish I'd found your information last week!