Thursday, August 7, 2008

Article: Especially for Grandparents of Children With Asperger Syndrome

Update: Nancy Mucklow, the Author of this article, has her own web site and it contains a lot of other good information - You are encouraged to visit it;
Talking Sense:

I've just read the following article (thanks DietCoke for making me aware of it) and I figured it was worth linking to;

It's in several places on the internet so I've just chosen the best formatted version to link to;

Especially for Grandparents of Children With Asperger Syndrome
By Nancy Mucklow

In any case, the letter is great reading and touches more than a few nerves I've experienced both as a child (from my grandparents) and as a father (from my parents and parents-in-law).

It's worth a read and well worth forwarding onto your aspie's grandparents.


Gina said...

Great resource, thanks for posting the link.

Nancy said...

Hi, Nancy Mucklow here. I wrote that article almost 10 years ago now! It sure makes the rounds! Thanks for posting about it. It's still up on Barb Kirby's OASIS site, but I have it posted on my own website as well, at Great blogwork, I hope you're able to keep it up!