Thursday, September 11, 2008

Introversion Test - Update (Scores)

Here's some unofficial figures from two separate surveys (both done in 2008) of the Jung/Briggs-Myers Introversion test. The results are from a survey done on (which is - in my humble opinion - the best aspergers forum on the internet - if you haven't been there, it's well worth a visit.

Some Scores
My apologies for the Image Table, I couldn't get blogger to properly render a table.
You can get to a text version of the table here.

Introversion Ratios
Comparing the scores in this table, there are a few interesting conclusions that we can reach;

First of all, of the 299 responses, 93% were introverted and only 7% were extroverted. This suggests a much higher than anticipated percentage of aspies who are introverted however there is one important factor to consider.

This test was done on the internet. A person with an introverted personality is much more likely to do a test on the internet than a person with an extroverted personality.

Aspie Personality Types
Ignoring the fact that the survey methods used to collect this data do introduce the possibility of unintended bias, we can see that there are a some clues to further narrow down aspie personality types.

At the the second level, the scores break down into;
  • 78% Introverted + Intuition

  • 22% Introverted + Sensing

This is a reasonable drop from 93% down to 78% suggesting that the rule isn't absolute.

At the third level, there's a similar split;

  • 76% Introverted + Intuition + Thinking

  • 24% Introverted + Intuition + Feeling

At the fourth level, it's pretty much even - and can therefore be ignored as a factor.

  • 55% INTJ = Introversion + Intuition + Thinking + Judging

  • 45% INTP = Introversion + Intuition + Thinking + Perceiving

What's interesting about this is that the last category of Judging/Perceiving is an add-on to Jung by Isabel Briggs-Myers - and I think it gets ruled out almost entirely.

In the absence of further evidence and with full knowledge that this isn't a perfect test, we have to conclude that the results indicate that;

People with Aspergers Syndrome mainly fall into the INTJ (Introversion/Intuition/Thinking/Judging) and INTP (Introversion/Intuition/Thinking/Perceiving) personality types as described by the Jung typology test.


Anonymous said...

I personally find Wrong Planet to be rather large, to the extent that it's intimidating. For those that prefer a smaller (MUCH smaller) community, there's the new Spectrumites, born out of the ashes of Aspies for Freedom. It's only temporary at the moment, but the permanent site is in the works.

More all-encompassing than AFF, and more personal than WP.

Steve Imparl said...


I obtained a score of INTJ multiple times, long before I even heard of Asperger's syndrome. I'm not sure what that says, but I find the connection interesting.

Khelben said...

I did this test today and I got INTJ. I have gotten this on another test which I did on another place also.

As I wrote at the Wrongplanet website, you have an interesting webpage and I will be continueing to look at what happens with it.

wrongshoes said...

I'm INTJ, and my DH is INTP. I think my DS is an extroverted Aspie.

Anonymous said...

INTJ female here with INTP aspie boyfriend.

Khelben said...

What's the difference with introvert and introversion?

Gavin Bollard said...

Introversion is a quality and an introvert is a person with that quality.

Anonymous said...

INTJ female(aged 47)and I wasn't thinking too much when answering questions. Introversion seems to be typical aspie trait.

Anonymous said...


LOL... just fix it... I mean, end it.