Friday, September 26, 2008

Professionals and Managers with Aspergers

I've been reading Malcolm Johnson's Asperger Management site for a while now and today, since I've got an article up on it, I figure I should probably give it a bit of a plug.

This site is great reading not only for professionals with aspergers but also for young adults who are looking to move into the workforce. It gives a lot of good careers advice and tips for working with the aspergers condition.

Malcolm Johnson is the author of the book Managing With Asperger Syndrome, published in 2005 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. The book outlines his experience in senior management roles, how Aspergers affects his work and his strategies for coping.

The Asperger Management web site contains a number of articles and case studies examining how those of us with aspergers tackle the various demands that working in management positions can place on us.

My own case study, which went live on the site today, is about coping with meetings. Please have a read and let me know what you think.

Meetings and Asperger Traits

If you're in the workforce and you have Aspergers, I'm sure Malcolm would love to hear from you.


Jacque said...

That is a fabulous Article. It not only describes my son (at 14) but also my brother who is a systems analyst-- I knew he had traits, but this is a perfect description of how they present themselves in the job world. Thank you.

Khelben said...

The headline of this topic is misspelled. Mangers should be Managers.


Gavin Bollard said...

Thanks khelben, that's what I get for writing half of my posts via Blackberry.. and, of course, since it's a real word, it doesn't get picked up as an error.

I've worked at places where I've been asked to remove the word "mangers" from MS Word's dictionary because it's one of the most common mistakes out there.

You'd think that there'd be a market for a contextual spell checker which would know that it's pretty unlikely that you would be using that word.

Anyway, your correction is very much appreciated.

Khelben said...

Other people might be irritated by my response on this. :)

I feel that I often misspell myself when I'm blogging. No harm done, but at the same time I always fix errors when I see them.