Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Article: Are Aspergians really rude and inconsiderate?

I just wanted to draw your attention to another article in Psychology Today.

It's an essay by John Elder Robison, the Author of "Look me in the Eye". A great book on aspergers which I'd strongly recommend if you haven't already read it.

Are Aspergians really rude and inconsiderate?
By John Elder Robison on November 10, 2008 in My Life With Asperger's

The essay contains a great scenario where John talks about his reaction when his wife takes a tumble. I could really relate to that problem. My wife took a tumble almost a year ago and I remember that at the time I found it very difficult. The problem was that she was quite badly hurt and she was making a lot of noise.

Since I'm very deaf in one ear and more than a little deaf in the other - and since it was quite dark at the time. I have no sound localisation and found it almost impossible to locate her. I really needed her to shut up with the screaming and tell me where she was and I said something to that effect. After about a minute, she realised what she needed to do and I was able to rescue her.

It might sound callous, and to a casual observer it probably would have seemed so. It wasn't that I was unconcerned or without empathy, it was simply that I judged that the best way to help her was to locate her.

I'd also suggest checking out John Elder's blog;

My Life With Asperger's

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