Friday, December 12, 2008

A Great Series of Aspergers Videos

There's a whole wealth of information about Aspergers on YouTube but sometimes instead of a vast series of unconnected videos, it's nice to watch something that is about the same person.

I've only just noticed that Fiona, an aspie from New Zealand has posted an amazing series of clips which are even more fascinating when taken together than as individual videos.

Please have a look at her videos;


Khelben said...

You can also take a look at my Asperger playlist which I created a while ago also:

Maybe it can be of interest?

TSS said...

Is crying a meltdown or more of a type of shutdown. I don't act out aggressively. I might feel real angry or feel like I just don't care any more, but I am more prone to go quiet and flat and cry. I like to just rock in my rocker and cover up with my blanket. I find great comfort in my rocker and blanket. Now that I think about it I use to act out aggressively manly in hurting my self. I might say hurtful things to people or express my anger. I guess I have grown up a lot. It also helped me understand myself when I was told I am an aspie.