Sunday, April 8, 2012

Murdering Disabled People

One of the comments I received on my last post was a request for information on people with autism and other disabilities who were being killed by their parents and in some cases older siblings because they were considered to be too much of a burden. 

I started compiling a list but it quickly became too big for a comments response. In fact, I got tired of posting links after doing the last five years and the stories were really making me feel ill, so my apologies for non-completion.

It is with great sadness that I post this list.

March: Elizabeth Hodgins killed her 22-year-old son, George.

May: Yvonne Freaney killed her 11-year-old son, Glen.


February: Gigi Jordan killed her 8 year old son, Jude
July: Saiqa Akhter killed her 2-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son



Eric Bland (Age 38, 2004)

August: Maggie Caraballo (Aged 38)
August: Daniela Dawes killed her son, Jason Dawes (Aged 10)
August: Michael Renner-Lewis (Aged 15)

February: Matthew Goodman (Aged 14)
February: Charles Mancill (Aged 24)
March: Sharon Michelle Gill murdered her four year old adopted daughter Lillian Leilani Gill
May: Matthew Vick (Aged 23)
July: Dale Bartolome (Aged 27)
July: Tanaka (Aged 14)

January: Wayne Winter (Aged 39)
March: Terrence Britt killed his daughter Gabriel Britt Aged 6.
September: Mark Owens-Young-Rogan (Aged 11)
December: Brahim Dukes (Aged 18)

April: Joyce Malphus murdered her 5 year old son, Justin Malphus
Willie Wright (Aged 15)

September: Daniel Leubner, aged 13 was burned alive by his mother Michelle Davis.
November: James Cummings Sr Killed his son James Joseph Cummings, Jr. (Aged 46)

Jim Helm (died 1998)
June: Stephanie Jobin (Aged 13)
December: Pierre Pasquiou age 10 was drowned by his mother, Annie Pasquiou.



December: Jeffrey Bogrett (Aged 9)

December: Casey Collier (Aged 17)


Kerry said...

So sad that things get so bad. I can't imagine it and I have two kids with an asd each

Rachel said...

Gavin, thank you for doing the hard work of putting this post together. It is so important that we remember the victims and speak their names, and it's a sad task to have to compile these lists. Here are links to two posts with other lists that have additional names:

And here is a link to a Facebook page called "Stop the Murders of Disabled People" on which I'm posting articles on the issue:

Thank you for all you do in the struggle for acceptance and respect.


IMKenney said...

And then there is this story in NSW:

I have no idea whether the parents were involved in her death, either through negligence or worse. I am merely pointing to their question about having their daughter "put down", after they had been told she had a form of autism (Rhett's Syndrome). So no murder or manslaughter conviction, just a chilling question.

tommy said...

Jesus. They had their daughter "put down"? These stories make me sick.

aaron malphrus said...

Justin malphrus was my brother. I really appreciate you shining light on what happened