Friday, November 13, 2009

eBook A Perfect Gift for a Man - Now FREE!!

I just thought that I'd provide you with an update on "The Perfect Gift for a Man: 30 Stories about reinventing Manhood".

It has now been released in paperback, which means that the book is considerably cheaper. In addition, the Ebook is now free!!!

Since the book is mainly short stories and recollections, it's a very easy read and I encourage everyone to download it and have a look. The only aspergers link is my own set of stories but the book still provides a fascinating and hopeful glimpse into the mind of today's man.

If you decide to purchase a hard copy, all profits are going to the inspire foundation, an organisation which aims to help young people help themselves. We're aiming to reduce the suicide rate amongst men.

You might find some of the facts about suicide in Australia to be rather shocking - here is a factsheet which admittedly is a little out of date. Amongst it's claims are;
  • 2,683 people took their own lives in Australia during 1998
  • This means an average of seven suicides per day.
  • For every completed suicide there are over 30 attempts.
  • 2,150 of these suicides were males.
  • Male suicides outnumber female suicides by a ratio of 4:1
  • Suicide is the leading external cause of death among men.
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-24 and 25 - 44 year old males
It's a good book and for a worthwhile cause. Buying a copy helps but then, so does passing on the positive stories available in the free PDF.

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Hartley said...

I just recently learned about this woman, who has chosen to share her most intimate thoughts and feelings about her husband's suicide and I thought you may be a great person to show her empathy.

Here is her new blog:

I look forward to reading this book,