Monday, February 7, 2011

The Best of the Best Series

I want to briefly talk about the best of the best series because up to this point, I haven't introduced it properly.

The Best of the Best series was devised by Danette Schott of Help! S-O-S for Parents. It's a great site, so if you haven't visited, please do.

The idea behind the Best of the Best series is for a group of bloggers to all post different viewpoints on a shared topic at the same time. This is great because if you don't find that my particular view suits your situation, you may find that someone else's does.

You'll find Danette's rules for the Best of the Best here.

You'll find a list of the bloggers who are officially part of the best of the best series here.

Note: This is not some kind of secret club. If you're a blogger and if these topics seem to be in your area, then please get in touch with Danette and join in. The more, the merrier - and the better the chances that we'll provide well-rounded and balanced information.

So far there have been two best of the best topics;

Topic 1: Autism and Treatment Options

Topic 2: Social and Play Skills

From now on, I'll start marking and tagging my posts when they're part of a best of the best series.

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    Danette said...

    Gavin, thank you for such a thorough write-up. I could not have said it any better! This 3rd edition on school issues due out on 2/15 looks like it may be our "best" one yet, with varied sub-topics and wonderful bloggers.